Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Indianapolis Filming Weekend

Here are a lot of pics taken from this past weekend in Indianapolis with our friends, Doug and Amy Martin...although Doug (aka "The Zohan") didn't make any of the pics! Several of these were taken during the shooting, and others you can tell we obviously posed for. We did some filming and got some great footage with a top notch film crew. It was an exhausting weekend of filming and more filming, but so much fun with lots of laughs!

Friday, April 24, 2009

4 Week Out Progress Update

I have a fire lit underneath me that has just made training in the gym in this week awesome! Jason has been right by my side through every workout, pushing me and training my physique very intentionally for what we want to present next time around. Even as I run the bleachers at night, he is there to drive and motivate me with the goal at hand. My new diet from Mike is awesome. I like the increase in carbs and the 8-9 meals a day! Pretty well balanced! My body is responding well this week to both the training and diet. I'm happy with how things are going :)

Europa Super Show of Champions Recap

I had a lot of fun making my pro debut last weekend at the Europa Supershow of Champions in Orlando, FL. Ed and Betty Pariso created a very welcoming environment, and with so many new pros competing at this show, we were all really in the same boat! The backstage area was really spacious and my favorite part of competing is hanging out with my friends and making more friends at each show! It also just felt SO good to get back up on stage after a 10 month absence. I absolutely love the stage and the excitement of competing :) No one really knew how the judging would go, with this being the first show pro show of the year since the Arnold Classic and also with this being a new IFBB show altogether. Congratulations to the top 3 winners (Nicole, Heather and Monica)! You all looked fantastic! I know what I need to do to better my physique from show to show this year...this is only the beginning! There is already a game plan going into my next show, and the judges have already been responding with feedback for me. I feel good about where I am at, and the minor tweaks and adjustments I can make between now and The Cal Figure Pro! Yes, I am headed straight to California in 4 weeks to jump back on that stage again. I'm very excited with this decision...which we only made Saturday night after the finals!

Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Weeks Out Pics

Yes, I chopped my head off was 5:15am! LOL 2 weeks out now and still feeling good. I posed my legs just a little harder in the front shot...not sure if I'll do that come show day; that will just be one of those show-day calls :) My weight has been right around 125 - 126 lbs when weighing first thing in the morning. I only went up 2 lbs after my cheat meal last Saturday and dropped that weight plus a pound by Tuesday. I'm just following the plan, every detail from nutrition to training and cardio and I'm happy with the results :) I'm definitely more fatigued and tired by Friday/Saturday, but that's only to be expected at this point. I'm working on posing 2-3 times a week, just to work out any rust from not being on stage since last June :) More posing practice after chest and boot camp tomorrow!