Saturday, August 28, 2010

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I will be posting new videos weekly from my photo shoots, workouts, and day-in-the-life clips. I have recently posted a few behind-the-scenes of my photo shoots, some weight lifting and a chiropractic video.

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Upcoming videos - "Rocker Girl" Parts 1 and 2; GI Jane Style Army Girl; Blue Sling Shot!! Galleries - Rocker Girl and Army Girl, and Blue Sling Shot!!

"Sparkle" Walt Ostarly Photo Shoot

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jacksonville Pro and Dallas Europa Pro Recap

Backstage at the Dallas Europa

Dallas Europa August 13-14

Back needs to come way up!! Love my glutes and lower half, esp the conditioning - never been this good! But, I know my glutes can still reduce in size a little. For whatever reason, I build muscle in my glutes SO easily!!

Jacksonville Figure Pro, August 6-7th

If I told you the sheer amounts of food it takes to fill out my muscles, you might not believe me. Day of the show alone, over 20 oz. of fillet steak, over 20 oz red potatoes, almost 300g of a fast digesting carb drink...I still had room to be fuller LOL But, this was by far my best year physique-wise yet!

It's been one week since the whirlwind of back-to-back shows and I am finally getting a chance to sit down, relax and blog on my mini vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC! First off, I had a blast at both shows, even though I did not place at either. I truly just enjoy competing, and I treasure the friendships I have made along the way because of it. There has been more business opportunities that have opened up for me over the past couple of years through competing and being at shows than if I had chosen to just stay at home. I also love and appreciate the journey of competing far more than the short amount of time I get to stand on stage (although if you choose to compete at shows with 30+ girls, then at least your time on stage is prolonged LOL). I love to train really hard and I love to shape and refine my body. The fun and satisfaction for me comes out of making positive changes to my physique, that I am happy with, every time I step on stage. It was incredibly special for me to receive so much positive feedback on the great improvements I made to my Figure physique this year. I was over 6lbs heavier and I was leaner this year on stage! But, I also took a full year off from contest prep to make these changes. It was just about exactly a year of an off-season before I started a full-on contest prep again. My goal for my next contest is to add 3 lbs of muscle to my upper body - primarily my back. I would like to keep my legs and lower half pretty much the same size and conditioning, but just bring up more width and thickness through my back and shoulders to match my lower half. And now the fun of making changes begins!! I most likely will not compete again until spring of 2011. In order for me to make more changes, I need a good several months outside of prep. I will continue to do photo and video shoots monthly, and I will also be working for at the Olympia. Make sure to check out my progress there:

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