Thursday, July 15, 2010

Newest Updates - "The Green Sling Shot Bikini" Gallery and Video

Here are some of the newest images from the members section of my website! "The Green Sling Shot Bikini"....the ULTRA sexy hi-definition video will be posting July 16th, with part 2 posting Sunday, July 18th! Become a member today to see all 30 images and 3.5 minutes of video!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Contest Prep Update/Tampa Pro Weekend

Preview from the gallery, "Mirror Image Part 1" (25 photos). Check out "Mirror Image Part 2" (27 photos) and 6 minutes of video from this shoot at!

3.5 weeks out of the Jacksonville Pro and I'm feeling good about my progress! Definitely feeling more tired and energy is lower, but my workouts are still going amazing. I feel strong as ever and my pumps are crazy good. I'm noticing my body change ever so slightly daily now...harder and leaner in my lower half, and still staying nice and full and round in my upper body. I'm still using my favorite supplement, "Evogen EVP"! I just got the good news that it is now being sold at!! It's awesome seeing all of the hard work I put in this last year of a long off-season really pay off! Still some fine tuning to do...downsizing my voluptuous bootay just a lil more, while keeping my upper body full. The running I have been doing the past 2 weeks has been working really well! I actually don't mind my outdoor early morning runs too much. I'm soaked by the end from the humidity, but I don't mind a lil sweat :) At night, I use the Precor 100IT running motion, which has been sparing my joints and low back - just a great machine. I can only handle one pavement pounding per day! Hany just manipulated my diet some over the next few days to incorporate higher fats and lower carbs,; my fats have been very low up until now. Check-ins are now happening daily, keeping a careful eye on my physique, which loves to suddenly drop a bunch of weight on a moment's notice if not careful!

This weekend I will be working the booth at the IFBB Tampa Pro. Stop by for lots of Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey samples, New flavors of ABB Speed Stack, MRI Black Powder and Pro-Nos, as well as some samples from VPX!

Also, stay tuned for more website updates! 2 new videos and a new gallery posting to the members section of my website: .