Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday/Thursday: Can we just start now??

Wednesday: freakn' busy even though it was an off day from the gym...signed and faxed all of the closing documents (thank God that is done...36 hours on the market total...once again, thank God)...opening the LLC (!) business account opening...a few hours choosing and buying the right equipment...called so excited, just want to get this going!! Perfect demographic, time to own and thrive in O-town :)

Thursday: back low back is still sore...trained intensely 4 straight days in a row (Sat-Tues...I think there are still lingering effects of the plyos and giant sets and deadlifts) and I am still trying to recover! Lots of nice people at the gym, very complimentary, very encouraging and supportive of the fitness lifestyle. I've never seen so many fit and ripped people at a gym! It's awesome :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday PM: Fatigued!

After the intense moving (entertainment centers, beds) and 2 days of brutal workouts, my body is sore sore sore and achy...Chest was today - presses, incline work, pop push-ups, freakn' mountain climbers (lots of giant sets) and ab work too...yesterday was back: pull-ups, rows rows rows, lots of supersets :) My trainer is the best though, talking in my ear each workout, "no one says you have to work this hard...if you don't want to compete, leave the gym! " I actually love hearing those words :)

Took 2 naps today, I never thought I would wake up! Walk with the dogs downtown in such a beautiful and personable community woke me up nicely :)

Sunday: Final Destination Amazing

Sunny, beautiful, warm...oh and the happiest place on earth...I love the nostalgia I am experiencing...the gym, the people - I AM HOME!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday: Sore to the Touch

Woke up at 6 for one last beating...back and shoulders combo after 35 min morning cardio...fried, fried, fried, lightly touching any part of my body hurts so bad!...these campers have cracked me up all weekend and I LOVE them all, love their candidness and realness...good luck to these sweet girls in their upcoming shows...drove to my temporary home...long drive, longer than it was driving up to Ohio...putting together workout plans and diets for clients, watching the Olympics (I love the Olympics!) and relaxing....ahhhhh :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday: Fitness Camp

The extreme soreness is setting in...hams, glutes, chest, arms all anihilated...Friday afternoon was legs, arms...Saturday: chest and leg-shaping (one of the hardest workouts ever), then bootcamp...I am still in a caloric deficit (have to time meals perfectly to avoid throwing up in the middle of a workout), and tired as hell, loving EVERY MOMENT of fitness camp, love being emersed in the fitness community,love these people, love nerding out about the fitness industry...I am in fitness heaven :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Morning: Let The Ass-Kicking Begin

It's 5am, way to to train with my coach...that's all the weekend is: train, eat, sleep, then return remarkable sore and 5lbs lighter :) It will be a mental prep the entire drive's go -time!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday: Back East

Tuesday was a whirlwind of last minute to the airport, checked Champ for his first flight ever, got to the gate early and on the plane smoothly (a rarity with all of my travels lately!)...I felt my body relax; the first time in about 6 weeks...a big city, faster paced, progress, driven and success-oriented; it feels SO good...happy girl :) Leaving tomorrow EARLY to train with my coach for the weekend...then, unpacking and more travel up and down the east coast....stay tuned :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning: Beginning The Move!

Got woken up by the packers this morning...didn't know the time was 8am! Late night...I'm not the one packing and it all seems daunting...walked the dogs...wrote a HUGE check to the to sign papers at Escrow...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning: Brightening Your Day :)

YES, full day off of training....walked the babies (Champ and Coco) this morning in the lovely sunshine...did a lil PR on HB for my LIVE video broadcast at noon PST...SO much fun interacting with my members and we established, I give back by providing everyone with a workout (ie increased HR)..." - brightening your day :)" Check the board in the members section for all upcoming weekly shows :)....30 minute shows at least once a week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Babies

I hate small tired of ALWAYS seeing people I know around every corner...(whisper, whisper)...AND, I just want to get my dog to his new home...spent an hour at the vet yesterday, got the wellness cert, got the enclosed crate...not so easy as checking him as one of my bags...we wrestled a bucking bronco last night trying to get the new harness on; thank God for sedatives, hehe...and for authority figures in the lil guy's life :) And his new lil sis (in the background) :)

Saturday Afternoon: Tearing the Arms Apart

Just got done training arms at the gym...even did the hero curls as pictured :) More giant sets...the arms were ready to explode! Amazing how I can work up such a sweat training such small muscle groups...intense cardio on the stepmill...talking to Tiff about the hour of fun at Verizon; I envisioned going to my happy my choc yogurt at Costco, which made me smile :)....see a few of my killer arm workouts at!

Saturday Morning: Sore Chest!

Intense chest workout at the gym yesterday afternoon...recorded video footage of this workout as well as ab exercises for website...posting those on soon!
Good morning doing a lil performance via LOV, tomorrow it's noon time FREE for members on to the gym now for ARM training!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Morning: Start of a Busy Day....

3rd morning cardio session of the week in only the knee is tweaking a bit and back too...back and biceps are so darn sore! Took a HOTT shower...walked the dogs around the block...going to go work in the yard a bit before training...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Afternoon: It Got Better...WAY Better!

Had a famous Jason Phillips back workout...super, triple and giant sets galore! :) I have the best training partner ever (wannagetlean)...packed more, finished daily chores, uploaded YouTube videos and one here...updated time to relax and sleep...GOOD NIGHT!!

BACK today :)

pullups, rows, pulldowns...some INTENSE back work...

Thursday Morning: Not Again....

Woke up feeling good, happy and positive that everything is lining up...did my 35 minutes morning cardio, noticed I had a missed call....those missed calls with no voicemails always scare me...annoying phone call...then another ANNOYING phone call....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

just did 35 min of morning cario on my treadmill, got a packing quote, and now its time to eat again :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

welcome :)

Hey guys, welcome to my you will see what is happening everyday with me. I will be carrying a camera everywhere, so you can be sure to know what is ALWAYS happening with the world of catherinefitness :)