Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Updates!

Shoulder Training at 7 weeks out from Jax Pro
With my friend Tiff at the NPC Mid Florida - a fun night passing out awards!...sporting a Fantasy Tan glow too :)

Jason and I took a Bahama cruise end of April, right before I started contest prep. The perfect end to a great off-season :)

Crazy how time flies by so fast and I realize my last post was before the AC weekend! I have a new business going, which is taking off so fast it's keeping me very busy! It's a mobile airbrush tanning business in the greater Orlando area. I use Fantasy Tan airbrushing systems and products for the most even, flawless, natural looking tan you can imagine! The website is:

I'm still training clients and holding outdoor women's bootcamps. I have such a good clientele - dedicated and motivated, it's the best! Even despite the summer heat, the outdoor bootcamps are going strong. Nothing wrong with sweating a little more :)

I am 6.5 weeks out of the Jacksonville Pro. I began prep almost 6 weeks ago and I feel really good about where I am at. It's been a LONG off-season of rebuilding and reshaping for my next appearance on the pro stage, but I can see now it was worth it. It's not that I wanted to be absent from the stage this long (hard to be that patient!), it just was necessary. My body needed a lot of heavy, volume training. I hit back and legs twice a week, shoulders once. I had a very healthy and fit off-season, staying close but not too close to contest weight. Cardio I kept at 5x/week and had 2 cheat meals a week. Once I started prep, my diet was being manipulated pretty much weekly, and cheat meals are given as needed (which is still double chicken burrito from Chipotle with a bag of chips!). My cardio was up'd significantly the first 2.5-3 weeks (twice a day), but now has been reduced more than in half (once a day). My body gets to a point where it just wants to start dropping weight VERY quickly, so it was time to pull back on the reigns. Good news is, this prep is flying by and my energy is really good!

I have another shoot with Walt Ostarly next week...lots of video and galleries will be posting to the member's section of my website from that next month. I have new training videos posted in both the member's section of my website and YouTube, so check them out :)