Thursday, December 30, 2010

Latest Updates to end 2010 with an, "Oh Yes!"

Added New video 12/30/10 "Blue Bikini Shoot"
On the set of my glamorous and ultra sexy Vegas shoot!
View the Video HERE
Added New video & Gallery 12/23/10 "Fit Friends Collection -
Bernadette Mattasa, Teases and Taunts" with her gold leopard print bikini; this girl knows how to work the video camera. Meet her very up close and personal!
View the Video and Gallery HERE
Added New video 12/26/10
"Heavy Dumbbell Snatches and Judo Throws!"

Watch me Snatch 60 lb dumbbells, then transition into Judo Throws. What's a Judo Throw? Watch and's fast, powerful and explosive. I'm having a very productive off-season and feeling stronger than ever!
View the Training Video HERE
Added New video 12/28 "The Lil Cherry Bikini, Part 2"
Even more playful, sexy, fun and enticing :)
View the Sexy Lil Video HERE

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Special - It's a Sexy Deal!

For the next 12 Days, you have the chance to treat yourself to a Membership at for only $14.95! Hurry and JOIN now before the 12 days of Christmas are over!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leopard Panties and More Updates!

12/16 Added New gallery "Leopard Panties"

It's amazing how a little leopard changes a woman's whole demeanor...see the dramatically sexy and captivating photos and video HERE.

"Bondage, Part 2" Gallery added 12/12
And "Bondage" Video added 11/29

View the Bondage video and gallery HERE
Added New Gallery (12/10) "Lil Cherry Bikini"

sexy, playful and you like cherries?

View the Cherry Bikini Gallery HERE

"Fit Friends Collection - Playboy Buff Bunny,Megan Avalon"

New Video Added (12/14 ) Watch Megan and her muscular, curvaceous body in this ultra sexy video. High definition video with lots of close-ups!

View Megan's Video HERE

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bondage, Wrestling & More Ms Nunn Updates!

"Bondage" Gallery added 11/26 (18 images) And "Bondage" Video added 11/29
View the Bondage video and gallery HERE

"Fit Friends Collection - Ms Nunn in Pink"

Added New Gallery (12/1) Kristin Nunn is rocking a super hard physique in a sexy lil thong bikini (17 images)

View Kristin's Pink Gallery HERE

Added New video (12/3) "Fit Friends Collection - Kristin in Pink"

See the video of the ultra hot gallery of Kristin Nunn in her barely there pink bikini...the girl is ultra lean and defined with a face of pure beauty. See her laugh and have fun with this sexy video

View Kristin's Video HERE

Added New video (11/23) "Fit Friends Collection"

Fawnia Mondey, a wrestling diva!

Who is stronger? Who will win? and Who's got the best, strongest, take-down moves? Watch and see...Fawnia vs. Katia, round 1!

View the Wrestling Video HERE

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