Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Vacation to Hawaii

Jason and I at Ko Olina, Oahu...just before heading down to Waikiki for some shopping and dinner!
The North Shore after parasailing

Look how high up we are! The view was amazing!! Mountains and crystal clear water with an on-going shore line...didn't want to come down!

No hands! We're flying!! ...Sorta!

Isn't this one of the coolest trees you've ever seen?? I go crazy over the birds and the trees! So many cool looking trees in Hawaii

Golfing at Ko Olina golf course - Michelle Wie's home golf course. I sat this round's really really hard and I'm really not that good. I saved everyone the misery. I did play at Makaha and only picked up my ball a few times! LOL But hey, I can crush it off the tee...that is, when I make a good connection...

Black Swans!! They were all over this picturesque golf course

Can you tell he played on the pro golf tour? He hasn't played for a year, then came out and shot 77 for 18 holes....and he "played terribly"...riiiiiiiiiight, babe!!!!

This was the view from our lanai. Ate breakfast every morning with this amazing view...the sunsets were breathtaking

This is one of the pools, viewed from our lanai

One of the very few times we "layed out" by the pool. Niether of us are very good at this! Too ADD! LOL I prefered swimming in the lagoons, but the pool was pretty nice too.
The only pictures I didn't get, (but I have someone sending me some that was with us) are of the dolphins that swam RIGHT up next to our little skimmer boat that shuttled us out to the parasailing boat. They were almost close enough to touch as they would jump out of the water right next to us and smack it with their nose. There were at least 12 of them swimming alongside of the boat. It was a truly amazing experience, and it gave me chills watching such a beautiful and wonderous site!!
It was a long, 10 hour flight to Honolulu, but it was SO worth it! The trip was soley for vacation, no work, no shows, just vacation! - something J and I haven't done in well over a year. We easily could have stayed another week. So sad to leave :( But it was a wonderful time to decompress, relax, enjoy life and in so doing we came home so refreshed and renewed! There is no place like Hawaii!