Thursday, December 30, 2010

Latest Updates to end 2010 with an, "Oh Yes!"

Added New video 12/30/10 "Blue Bikini Shoot"
On the set of my glamorous and ultra sexy Vegas shoot!
View the Video HERE
Added New video & Gallery 12/23/10 "Fit Friends Collection -
Bernadette Mattasa, Teases and Taunts" with her gold leopard print bikini; this girl knows how to work the video camera. Meet her very up close and personal!
View the Video and Gallery HERE
Added New video 12/26/10
"Heavy Dumbbell Snatches and Judo Throws!"

Watch me Snatch 60 lb dumbbells, then transition into Judo Throws. What's a Judo Throw? Watch and's fast, powerful and explosive. I'm having a very productive off-season and feeling stronger than ever!
View the Training Video HERE
Added New video 12/28 "The Lil Cherry Bikini, Part 2"
Even more playful, sexy, fun and enticing :)
View the Sexy Lil Video HERE

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Special - It's a Sexy Deal!

For the next 12 Days, you have the chance to treat yourself to a Membership at for only $14.95! Hurry and JOIN now before the 12 days of Christmas are over!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leopard Panties and More Updates!

12/16 Added New gallery "Leopard Panties"

It's amazing how a little leopard changes a woman's whole demeanor...see the dramatically sexy and captivating photos and video HERE.

"Bondage, Part 2" Gallery added 12/12
And "Bondage" Video added 11/29

View the Bondage video and gallery HERE
Added New Gallery (12/10) "Lil Cherry Bikini"

sexy, playful and you like cherries?

View the Cherry Bikini Gallery HERE

"Fit Friends Collection - Playboy Buff Bunny,Megan Avalon"

New Video Added (12/14 ) Watch Megan and her muscular, curvaceous body in this ultra sexy video. High definition video with lots of close-ups!

View Megan's Video HERE

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bondage, Wrestling & More Ms Nunn Updates!

"Bondage" Gallery added 11/26 (18 images) And "Bondage" Video added 11/29
View the Bondage video and gallery HERE

"Fit Friends Collection - Ms Nunn in Pink"

Added New Gallery (12/1) Kristin Nunn is rocking a super hard physique in a sexy lil thong bikini (17 images)

View Kristin's Pink Gallery HERE

Added New video (12/3) "Fit Friends Collection - Kristin in Pink"

See the video of the ultra hot gallery of Kristin Nunn in her barely there pink bikini...the girl is ultra lean and defined with a face of pure beauty. See her laugh and have fun with this sexy video

View Kristin's Video HERE

Added New video (11/23) "Fit Friends Collection"

Fawnia Mondey, a wrestling diva!

Who is stronger? Who will win? and Who's got the best, strongest, take-down moves? Watch and see...Fawnia vs. Katia, round 1!

View the Wrestling Video HERE

Catch Up on all of the latest at!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Special!

How could I forget about Cyber Monday?? Last chance to JOIN at for only $9.95! Hurry up and JOIN now before the sale ends tonight!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


ONLY $9.95 to JOIN at beginning at midnight as a Black Friday Special! will have access to hours of high-resolution videos, hundreds of amazing photo galleries, details of my training and nutrition, and a LIVE weekly chat with yours truly ;) ...the Gift that will just keep on giving!
Click Here for Instant Access:

I am proud to announce that I have signed with Nutrex Research's Vitrix Model Team! To read more about my recent shoot in Vegas for the Team, click here:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Want A Free Photo Shoot with Walt Ostarly??

See some of the amazing models who have shot with Walt Ostarly below...his work is incredible! Read even further below to find out how you can shoot with him FREE!!

Michele Levesque

Gina Ostarly

Marzia Prince

Candice Keene

Jamie Eason

Tana Gabrielle

Kristin Nunn


Have you ever wanted to shoot with the amazing Walt Ostarly photographer? If so, now is your chance! I will be paying for ONE girl to have an all day shoot with Walt during the month of December.

What you get from the shoot:
* Professional Hair and Make-Up from Gina Ostarly
* 4 Outfits/"Looks"
*10 Edited High-Resolution photos for your personal use
* Submission to American Curves and Planet Muscle Magazine
* Galleries from the shoot posted to the "Fit Friends" Collection of my site (, with promotion of model's personal website and Facebook page(s).

The shoot in December will take place in Stuart, FL. Model must be able to provide her own flight and lodging accommodations. Email 3 of your best pictures and a brief Bio about yourself to: Offer expires in 7 days!

Fit Friend Collection Updates!!

Figure Pro, Kristin Nunn! Part of the "Fit Friends Colleciton," a gallery of 15 images plus a hard core training video of Kristin doing pullups and lunges...the perfect exercises to display her impressive physique! Kristin is a southern girl who used to be a competitive swimmer and you'll see how perfect her upper body is shaped for that sport. See the pictures and video by clicking here:

Huong Arcinas Training Video, added to the "Fit Friends Collection". You will see Figure Pro, Huong, training biceps and triceps. She is a tiny, but strong and sexy lil thing from Northern California! Huong is very conditioned in this video - lean and ripped! See the amazing pump her arms get from this workout by clicking here:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Week Off A Diet - Does a Body Good?

More Updates this week:

New gallery "Join Me in Bed"

New Video "Time For Some Action In Bed! JOIN NOW

and... A Workout Journal Update

A detailed look at my current off-season training split and workouts I am doing in the members section of You will also get to hear what my current diet is like as well as my off-season training goals.

Last week I decided to week a week off of diet and cardio. I still resistance-trained, just no specific diet and zero cardio. I ate out for most of my meals, but I still made healthy choices. I ate things like brown rice spicy tuna rolls, the Bodybuilder Breakfast at the Fire House in Venice (egg whites, & multi-grain blueberry pancakes...we ate here multiple times last week!), Turkey sandwiches, avocado on the sushi rolls and sandwiches), Ripped and Wired Protein Shake Smoothie from Gold's Gym, Santa Fe Salad from California Pizza kitchen, Chipotle burrito/bowl a couple times, flatbread pizza at Maggiano's, and one night splurge on dessert with a slice of Adam's PB Cup Fudge Ripple from the Cheesecake Factory. The mental break from following a plan was much needed, plus I had just relocated cross-country, which brings enough stress all on it's own. I can't tell you how long it had been since I took a break from following some sort of diet, but it's been well over 2.5 years, maybe longer.

I started my revised off-season diet this past Sunday, which is a little over 2,000 calories. I have already tightened up a lot and I can tell my metabolism is running even faster (I'm hungry between meals) and my muscles are super full and round. Mentally, I feel like a new person - super recharged with more strength and energy in the gym and everyday life!

Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW Fit Friends Collection! More Preview Videos

NEW Fit Friends Collection - Fawnia Mondey!

Introducing the new "Fit Friends" feature to my website! I will now be showcasing many different Fitness Models, in all of their Fit, Sexy and Feminine Glory. Fawnia is a fitness model and competitor; she also owns her own Pole Dancing studio. Check out this ultra hot gallery of Fawnia in the Member's Section at!

See a sample of just a few of the many videos I have in the members section of my website.....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Special...Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman! 2 New Galleries and 2 New Videos posted this week of me as the sexy heroine. I had a lot of costume requests come in this week and this was your winner!

This Halloween was a great one, full of exciting change. I relocated to Los Angeles, CA this past Sunday and I couldn't be more thrilled. The first 2 nights were spent in a hotel as the movers didn't deliver my things until the 2nd! Halloween in L.A. is quite a sight - EVERYONE is dressed up! The question is, was Wonder Woman walking the streets of Hollywood too?? Hmmmm....Lots of new videos and galleries of my Wonder Woman costume at - click here to JOIN NOW. I have an exciting new feature coming to the site this week!! Keep checking back to see what it is ;)

I am now all moved into my new place and love being in So Cal. I am so thankful for the 2 years I was in Florida, and for the people who came into my life. I am a West Coast girl at heart and I just love the mountains and the beauty of the terrain out here. The fitness lifestyle in So Cal speaks to my soul and there is just so so much I appreciate about this area. I grew up visiting family here, so it has always felt like a second home, and a place I have wanted to live my entire it is happening :)

I will be personal training at an AMAZING studio in Beverly Hills, so email me if you are interested in training!! - Whether you live in the area and want to be a regular client or are just passing through, let me know and I'll put you through a great workout!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent Shoots, LIVE Video Broadcasts & a Move!

October 19th shoot with Walt...California Girl!! Soon to be very soon ;) Lots more amazing photos and very different galleries and videos. "Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things"...can't wait to share all the new stuff!

From my galleriey "Look Into the Mirror" (10/18)

Look into the Mirror - there are 2 of me in this shoot! You get to see me from all angles at the same time ;) - Walt Ostarly photos

AND THE VIDEO! Posted 10/20 and 10/22

"All angles, all access, and Me times two = Pure Ecstasy."

Walt Ostarly Videos

New gallery "Silver Bikini"10/15/2010

Oh so glamorous and sexy! From one of my Las Vegas 2010 Olympia shoots...

Hope Parr photos (17 images)

This past month has been full of photo shoots and they are all waiting for you (galleries and LOTS of high-definition video) only at: I broadcasted my last photo shoot on the 19th LIVE through my website from 4pm to 8:30pm. You can view these video feeds FREE when you are a member at - JOIN NOW!

I have packed up all of my things, loaded them on a moving truck and I am headed back to the West Coast - yay!! This time to Southern California. I'll be out there in just a week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Olympia 2010 Recap

Working the booth at the Olympia weekend in Las Vegas with 2 amazing and gorgeous women - Nicole Moneer and Jamie Eason! These were long but fun days at the expo - tons of people turned out for the event. After the expo, it was right off to the night shows Friday and Saturday. Still, I was able to squeeze in a couple of great shoots in the 2 days leading up to the Expo. A marathon weekend, but always great seeing my friends and networking within the industry.

I also got to work for the first time with fitness model Michele Levesque. This girl is super sweet and rocking it in the fitness world as of late. She recently graced the cover of Oxygen and is in this month's issue of Fitness Rx...seriously, she is everywhere! Just keep your eyes open :)

With my dear sweet friend and IFBB Pro Krissy Chin at "Meet the Olympians". Krissy made some awesome improvements to her physique this year for the Olympia and will be competing at Border States this month in San Diego. Go Krissy!!
From my latest gallery at, "What a girl does in the bathroom"...this is part 1! I also have a new video posted "Leave the Door Open"...part 1 to the video too! Lots more video and pics posting this week in my Members section!

Monday, September 20, 2010 Olympia Weekend!

From my September 16th shoot with Walt Ostarly
I am getting all packed up to leave for Las Vegas tomorrow morning! The Olympia weekend is fast approaching, and I am thrilled to again be working at the booth. Make sure that you stop by and say hello if you will be there! As always, we'll have lots of great free product to hand out, and some of the most famous faces in the industry at the booth. I'm constantly updating my bodyspace profile: with progress pictures, goals, blog posts, product reviews and current training regimen. Make sure you have a profile there and it's just one more place we can all connect!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newest Gallery and Videos

Army Girl Gallery added to my website this past week! For all of you vascularity lovers, this photo set is for you! :) Lots of strong poses, and of course the videos to go with it are just amazing - they will have you in full on trance mode, every bit as much as the blue sling videos!

Thursday, September 9, 2010 Updates

Blue Sling Shot Gallery! Posted 9/9...Video in the Blue Sling posting 9/11 and 9/13!

Rocker Girl Video Part 1 posted 8/29, Part 2 Posted 9/1
Rocker Girl Gallery Set 1 posted 9/5, Set 2 Posted 9/7

Lots of new content posted to! Remember that the Live weekly chat is FREE when you are a Member. Next Thursday (9/16), I will be doing a Live Video Stream of my shoot with Walt, which you can view through the Members section of my website. The stream will last from approximately 3:30pm - 7pm!

It's been a busy past couple of weeks, lots of exciting happenings coming up :) I've been enjoying my workouts, training heavy and hard as ever and loving to make myself sore sore sore! Everyone keeps telling me it looks like I have put on muscle just in the past 4 weeks - I like that :) My diet is similar to my contest prep, just a few more carbs and a cheat meal back in once a week. I feel great, and so is my energy. I had a fun day shopping yesterday - picked up lots of new accessories to go with my shoot outfits next week! Today I'll be training chest and some back...about 5 different exercises for chest and one giant set of back 3x through. Happy training everyone and see you at!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

YouTube & Newest Updates

"Sparkle, Set 1" Gallery - 22 images at

"Sparkle, Set 2" - 18 images

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel at:
I will be posting new videos weekly from my photo shoots, workouts, and day-in-the-life clips. I have recently posted a few behind-the-scenes of my photo shoots, some weight lifting and a chiropractic video.

I have several new video and gallery updates in the Members Section of
*Sparkle (Set 1 - 22 images, Set 2 - 18 images)
*Sparkle Video, Part 1 (3 minutes, 46
*Sparkle Video, Part 2 (4 minutes, 32)

Upcoming videos - "Rocker Girl" Parts 1 and 2; GI Jane Style Army Girl; Blue Sling Shot!! Galleries - Rocker Girl and Army Girl, and Blue Sling Shot!!