Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mike Davies Fitness Camp - Atlanta

Just got back from a great Fitness Camp weekend in Atlanta! I trained with Mike Davies all weekend and got to hang with some of my good friends. There were 30 of us girls in all. Friday night we had an intense boot camp workout; Saturday I trained at 6am! I was in the early (hard core) training group with Dolores and the Louisiana boys. All three of them are prepping for the Arnold amateur, then there is me, now 11 weeks out. Saturday morning we trained Legs, followed by an incline-interval cardio program on the treadmill, then posing was at 11am. Mike had us posing for over an hour! It was really productive input and feedback. My mid-low back is so sore now! Saturday afternoon, it was back for more training: Chest and arms...later that night we all met up for dinner; I had my weekly cheat meal - Chipotle..mmmm! Sunday morning we were in the gym at 6am again, this time training back and shoulders.

I'm spent now, but those weekends always feel so productive and it energizes me being around all of my fitness girlfriends :) The support and passion shared for our industry is huge at these camps. I'll be make every effort to see Mike every 3-4 weeks leading into my pro debut. I was in Columbus 3 weeks ago, this weekend in Atlanta for his traveling camp and in 3 weeks I'll be back in Columbus to train...I'll keep ya posted as I go along and with my progress. I feel good about my progress and Mike says I'm right on point, and actually ahead of schedule - yes!