Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Moved!! And how about more Bikini Sling Shot Action?

Training is going great this week. I added in a "Plyo" day last week which absolutely tore my hamstrings and glutes up!! ...in a good way of course :) I also added in more fish to my diet this last week which isn't a bad thing for me since I do love both Tilapia and Orange Roughy. My cardio is staying a little higher, but my calories are also a little higher than normal; I have a few more added fats in my diet as well as fibrous vegetables at 5 of my 6 meals. Last year I think I only had one meal where I ate a serving of veggies during prep!

I actually just posted all of the intricate details of both my workouts and nutrition & supplement program in the Members Section of my website.

I also posted a new gallery - "Ocean Sling" today!! Preview Pic above. View the entire 23 image gallery HERE

And lastly, I did move back to the South East - hurray! So happy to be back where it feels like home. You can read about my move from So Cal here: http://www.vitrixmodelteam.com/team-blog/cat-has-moved.html

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