Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cardio and Pedi's

Today was a cardio day - double sessions on my favorites - the PreCore 100iT and treadmill. I woke up with my legs absolutely anihilated from training them the day before...SO sore. It took getting through my first 3 meals before they didn't feel sore anymore. But, I was a cardio queen today and KILLED it! Also thanks to my favorite burner - Lipo-6 Hers Black Ultra Concentrate, I had amazing energy for the whole day.

To treat my legs and feet for all of their hard work, I got a pedicure! This wasn't just any pedicure, this was an amazing pedicure. The massage was one of the longest and best I've ever had. It felt amazing on my sore shins and calves. Now my tiny lil toes are all dolled up with "Fiji Paradise" polish color and they feel amazing all soft and smooth and relaxed from their massage :)

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